Vaporizers vs. E-Cigarettes: Differences & Similarities

Vaporizers vs. E-Cigarettes: Differences & Similarities

What is the difference between an electronic cigarette and a vaporizer?

The topic of e-smoking is becoming more and more popular every year. The number of inquiries on this topic on the Internet is constantly growing. Also, the amount of information on this topic is increasing.

Someone wants to quit smoking and chooses electronic cigarettes instead of ordinary ones, while someone just wants to join the popular vaper movement and keep up with fashion.

In such realities, it is very important to correctly understand the concepts and terms of this issue, and also not to get confused in the huge variety of devices entering the market under different names.

In this article, we will figure it out and try to explain as accurately as possible what is the difference between vaporizers and electronic cigarettes.

What is a vaporizer?

The purpose of the vaporizer is very simple, it is for the smoking of dry tobacco blend. But unlike the usual smoking methods, there is no direct contact of tobacco with fire, that is, nothing burns, and there is no smoke. Tobacco is simply heated to a high temperature, about 200 degrees, and under the influence of this temperature, active substances are evaporated from it.

That is, the smoking process, in this case, can be called vaping.

With this method, you get many advantages:

  • It is less harmful than smoking. Yes, yes, steam is 95% safer than smoke, and this is no joke. The number, of course, is not accurate. But what is safer is a fact.
  • It is more effective than smoking. According to studies carried out more than once, the proportion of the active substance in the pair ranges from 75 to 90%. For smoke, this figure is 12-20%. You can compare these figures yourself, as well as calculate how much active substance you lose when smoking.
  • Comfort. Undoubtedly, a soft vapor is much more pleasant to inhale than acrid smoke.

Of course, these advantages are not advantages at all for someone. And there will always be supporters of both progressive vaping and traditional smoking.

What is an electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes have firmly taken their place in the smoking accessories market several years ago. Currently, their popularity continues to grow steadily.

Let’s see what differences can be distinguished if we compare an electronic cigarette with a vaporizer:

  1. An e-cigarette uses liquid. Indeed, it does not even smell of tobacco or tobacco blends here. Steam is released from a special liquid, which you need to periodically refuel an electronic cigarette. This liquid most often contains nicotine, but there are options without it.
  2. There is no “effect”. If, when using a vaporizer, our goal is to get a certain effect and achieve a well-known state, then smoking an electronic cigarette is a completely ordinary process.
  3. Electronic smokers smoke at school, at work, while driving, in general, wherever they consider necessary. This is not yet prohibiting by law.
  4. Lack of complete autonomy. If among the vaporizers there are inexpensive simple devices that can be heated with an ordinary lighter and used whenever you want, then with an electronic cigarette this will not work.

The so-called “vapes” are powered by a battery that needs to be charged via a USB cable. If the battery is discharged, there is no other in stock, and there is nothing to charge, then, unfortunately, you will not be able to smoke. Fortunately, manufacturers are constantly improving this issue, and batteries in new models hold a charge for a long time.

So, we have highlighted the main differences between a vaporizer and an electronic cigarette. We hope that we were able to really clarify some points and show you the difference between these devices.

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