Vaping Will Help You Quit Smoking

Vaping Will Help You Quit Smoking

Research essence

A medical team led by Ellen Mayer looked at behavioral changes as a result of using e-cigarette like pipes during the first two months. The experiment involved 24 respondents, of which 18 were men. The average age of vapers is 48 years.

Main questions:

  • Does e-cigarette contribute to the intention to quit smoking?
  • How does e-cigarette affect the body of a vaper?


Former smokers are trying to switch to newbie devices and use nicotine-containing liquids. After two weeks, tobacco cravings decreased by 90% of the subjects. At the same time, doctors emphasize that the reason for the decline in interest in traditional tobacco products is not the presence of liquid nicotine in refills and cartridges of electronic cigarettes.

The main reason for quitting traditional smoking and further dynamics of behavioral factors is associated with the external similarity between electronic cigarettes and the classic cigarette. At the same time, the vaper consciously understands that vaping is safer.


The effectiveness of the study was confirmed by the example of additional experience. At the Mayo Clinic Rochester (Minnesota), doctors suggested that patients use e-cigarettes after operations if they had used classic cigarettes before and could not refuse them due to psychological attachment or physical dependence on nicotine. This was originally thought to help minimize postoperative complications in smokers.


All respondents who switched to e-cigarettes reduced their daily nicotine intake by 50%. Every second patient quit smoking completely or decided to smoke an electronic cigarette in the future.


The research was carried out only on devices of the first generation and did not touch on new devices. The problem will be solved in subsequent university experiments.

Subsequent studies are going to cover the issue of the rationality of the use of e-cigarettes and to continue monitoring a selected group of volunteers.

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