Cooking with Vaporizers

One of the most exciting things in cooking these days is the merging of science and technology with the kitchen. In fact, people are finding all sorts of interesting ways to cook like using liquid nitrogen. Another innovative cooking technique is using vaporizers to impart flavor and aroma in the food and create a truly unique food experience.

You can use a vaporizer to slowly introduce an aroma into a food. But the really cool thing about using this method is it won’t also introduce an unpleasant flavor. This process is called aromatization and it can be performed at a very slow and steady pace to prevent any altering of the flavor in a manner you find unfavorable.

It’s funny, because you’d think aroma wouldn’t necessarily impact the flavor of a food, but it definitely can. Typically, the food you’d like to add flavor and aroma to is placed in an oven bag. This is where the vaporizers come into play. The vaporizer is allowed to funnel aroma directly into the oven bag as the food cooks. Over time, this aroma enters into the food, and adds a subtle, yet delicious flavor. What’s great is you can use any material in vaporizers to add flavor to dishes. It’s all about selecting the right ones for the right meal to create the right overall taste.

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