A Beginners Guide to Volcano Vaporizers

Herbs have been known for their medicinal value and these properties have been used against a host of illness varying from flu to viral diseases. When these herbs are mixed together in a volcano vaporiz, their properties tend to increase and are more effective against the disease causing germs. Recommendations by Starz and Bickel have revealed that proper mixing of these herbs can be done after proper research from the internet. They recommend some highly effective herbs that help in easing various health related problems. Eucalyptus is an herb which has very good medicinal value and has been used against the common cold since time immemorial. Being an easily vaporizing herb, eucalyptus shows better result when it is vaporized than when it is dissolved in water or other agents.

Recommended sleep inducing herbs like chamomile and herbs are usually perfect for patients suffering from insomnia. These herbs are also known to be excellent stress busters during anxious moments of life. The downside of the chamomile and hops herb is that they have varying vaporizing or setting temperatures in the volcano vaporizer. Chamomile and hop vaporizes at 374 and 309 Fahrenheit respectively. For perfect blending and effective herbal properties, the vaporization of fresh leaves have to be carried our perfectly. Lavender is yet another herb with medical properties and it vaporizes at 266 Fahrenheit which does not allow it to blend with chamomile which has a higher setting temperature. However Lavender mixed with Eucalyptus is shown to induce miraculous effects on common cold and influenza virus.

Al herbs do not come with medicinal properties but most of the herbs have a certain amount of healing associated with them. When herbs are mixed in the volcano vaporizer, these properties are enhanced to relieve patients of pain and allergy. Some recommended herbs that do not have medical properties as such are sage and thyme. These herbs vaporize at the same temperature at 374 Fahrenheit and are perfect for blending. Sage shows excellent anti-fungal properties and is best recommended for sore throats and in aiding the immune system of the body against the germs. Sage can be grown domestically and a supply of fresh leaves is always a handy inventory in your first aid kit. Sage can also be mixed with thyme in a volcano vaporizer to formulate an anti-septic mixture that works well for chest infection and influenza virus. The lemon balm also serves its purpose as an anti-viral balm and is found to be more influential than anti-septic herbs when administered on a patient who is already suffering from the flu.

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