Vaporizer — Smokeless Appliance

Vaporizer — Smokeless Appliance

Why smoking is unhealthy, many know. In the smoke that the smoker inhales and exhales, a whole set of toxic substances — tobacco combustion products. There is nicotine, and toluene, and naphthalene, and dioxides, and benzene, and much more. But what to do if you like smoking, but you don’t want to poison. For this, a vaporizer was invented.

This smoking device is a vaporizer. The principle of operation is as follows: a smoking mixture is loaded into it, which is heated to the required temperature. Heating takes about forty-five seconds. The temperature is chosen so that aromatic substances are released, but the mixture does not burn. Therefore, instead of smoke, steam is enriched with the necessary substances, in which there are no harmful substances. Steam can also be cleaned or cooled. The smoker enjoys no toxic supplements.

There are different types of vaporizers — both portable and stationary. They are equipped with a thermostat or a gas catalyst. The kit may also include a mouthpiece, a brush for cleaning, a storage case. Depending on the model and configuration, the price may differ three times. The Chinese make the simplest models worth no more than thirty dollars. The mixture in them is laid simply on the heating element.

One of the best is the German-made Volcano vaporizer. It is made of quality materials — stainless steel and flame retardant plastic. Easy to operate and assemble. In practice, it was concluded that the active substance begins to evaporate at a temperature of 266 degrees, and the maximum effect is achieved at 392-500 degrees Fahrenheit. But if there is a goal just to spend a pleasantly relaxed evening, it is better to set the temperature lower. Then there are fewer active substances and the effect on the body is not strong.


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