Vaporizer for Herbs – Healthy Alternative to Smoking Devices

Vaporizer for Herbs - Healthy Alternative to Smoking Devices

Today on sale there is an alternative to smoking devices. To maintain health, to exclude getting into an organism of harmful substances will help the modern device – the vaporizer. It has no analogs, and previously it was used exclusively for medical and cosmetic purposes.

Features of the vaporizer

The basis of the work of the vaporizer for herbs – evaporation of dry mixes. The process is activated under the action of high temperatures, but despite this, there is no combustion and smoke.

Maintaining health with the vaporizer

When herbs burns, many dangerous substances are released. As a result, resins and other carcinogens are inhaled. And in the vaporizer only useful and active components evaporate, all carcinogens remain in the device. Instead of smoke, the device that does not contain any dangerous impurities comes out of the appliance. The device caused a sensation in the smoking accessories industry.

Vaporizers were developed by doctors. They protected the person from 500 different harms. Undoubtedly, vaporization is much better than burning herbs. By purchasing this device, you ensure your health and take care of the people around you.

If you are for a healthy lifestyle, then it is worth using an evaporator to change your usual smoking device.


Which vaporizer is better to buy? There are several devices that are different:

  • size;
  • principle of action;
  • power;
  • type of power supply.

Before buying, decide where you plan to use the device. If these are times of relaxation at home, then a stationary will be better for you. But such models are powered by the network, are very cumbersome and inconvenient to maintain. Take such a device with you on a business trip or vacation will not work.

Today, there are many portable models of vaporizers, which are almost not inferior in power to stationary. They are powered by a battery or gas, depending on the model. You can easily put the device in a pocket, cosmetic bag, handbag. You can use it anywhere – shop, office, cafe, car, etc.

If you look at the principle of operation, the range includes vaporizers of three types:

  • conduction;
  • convection;
  • radial.

If we consider the conduction unit, then there is direct contact of substances evaporating from the heating element. There are smoke and steam. The device can be used with or without a filter. These are inexpensive.

Convection – produce only steam. They also have several heating modes. Having a passive device, you will have to inhale the air yourself. The active one does not provide for this, then the steam is expelled by itself, the smoker only has to take a breath. These devices are more expensive.

The rarest and most impressive vaporizers are beam vaporizers. The essence of them is that the device absorbs the energy of the sun and this causes heating.

The cost depends on many factors, but do not think that the devices at a lower price are much worse than expensive counterparts. All the nuances need to be clarified with the seller.

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