New Generation Volcano Vaporizer Review

New Generation Volcano Vaporizer Review

Much has happened since the Volcano debuted in 2001, and now there are a lot more vaporizers. Despite all the options available, Volcano vaporizers are among the top on the market, producing high-quality, not difficult to use vaporizers that can work faster and better than other devices. Even after all its existence, the medical evaluation of Volcano components and German manufacturing is at the forefront of testing and independent certification.


Volcano has always had a reputation as a device with an excellent performance every time it is used without any configuration issues. It is easy to load and maintain, the tank heats up quickly and produces delicious steam, which is always convenient and comfortable to inhale – all thanks to full convection heating, It is also capacious because at the same time it can be used by 3-4 people or one, for super-aromating puff, keeping leftover steam for later.


Volcano was designed with efficiency in mind, from start to finish. A large convection heat exchanger produces a precisely measured amount of heat, allowing your material to cook at your set temperature when you want it. The tank can be removed between uses to preserve your material, and the bagged system collects all the steam without loss. If you have enough willpower, you can use the bags partially, instead of inflating more than you need.


Most desktop vaporizers take time to warm up, and Volcano is no exception. Depending on the selected temperature, this time varies from 3 (350 ° C) to 6 minutes (440 ° C). Having reached the desired temperature, the bags are filled in 30 seconds with ease. Volcano Digit, thanks to its internal electronics, has a 30-minute auto-off timer, while Volcano Classic can remain on for an extended period of time without worry. If you want your Volcano to be always ready, it’s best to get the Classic version.


Regardless of the version, classic or digital, Volcano is simple and easy to use. There are power and mode buttons (switches are used in the Classic version) and a temperature indicator. In the classic version, a knob is used to adjust the temperature, and in a digital liquid crystal display with certain temperature settings. A closed system eliminates almost any human factor, so you can not be afraid to burn your materials.


Packages and valve systems could not be simpler. The furnace is located directly at the top of the device, with a tube that snaps into the mouthpiece, so the bag fills straight up. When it is full, simply press your lips to the mouthpiece, breathe in without any effort and pass on to the next. You can fill the bag completely, you can fill as much as you want for small vapors. A filled bag can always be taken with you without being tied to a specific place.

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