How Do You Choose an E-liquid Strength?

How Do You Choose an E-liquid Strength?

When a newly-made vaper first picks up liquid, the taste is important. The next question is how to choose the strength of the liquid for electronic cigarettes in order to safely switch to vaping? After all, at first, it’s not enough to simulate the smoking process, you also need a practical effect.

Gradation of liquid strength

The liquid in the electronic cigarette contains synthetic nicotine. The more it is, the stronger the refueling is, the stronger the smoke. It’s easier for a person to quit smoking and switch to vape if the body continues to receive a portion of the substance on which it has already become dependent. Gradually reducing the strength, it is possible to completely abandon nicotine in the composition of the mix for vape.

To make it easier to “slow down”, the producers of liquids make them with a gradation of a fortress, they present the same tastes in several versions.

The graduation of E-Liquid mixture looks like this:

0 mg/ml – zero: such liquids do not contain nicotine, and therefore the only visible is taste. It’s like a hookah, only smaller in size.

1,5 mg/ml – ultralight: nicotine is barely noticeable, suitable for the transitional stage to quitting smoking.

3 mg/ml – super light: the norm for most vapers. The steam is rich and tasty but does not hit the lungs.

6 mg/ml – lungs: the universal option, soaring comfortably at any power, gives a tight feeling of smoking.

9-12 mg/ml – strong: suitable for most seasoned smokers. Replaces very strong cigarettes and heavy smoking. With too much steam, it causes intoxication.

24 mg/ml – very strong: it is found exclusively in self-mixing. Manufacturers do not welcome such a dosage.

There is another option 36 mg/ml, but no one soars such a liquid. The concentrate is sold exclusively to dilute the nicotine-free base. This is in addition to the base in the right proportion. A net dose of 36 mg/ml is detrimental to the body.

What is the principle of individually choosing your E-Liquid mixture?

The easiest way to determine the optimal nicotine content in a liquid is to multiply the usual strength of traditional cigarettes by 20. This calculation comes from their assumption that 1 ml of liquid replaces a pack of cigarettes. According to the standard, there are 20 of them.

An example of how to choose an E-Liquid mixture if, before that, you smoked cigarettes of 0,6 mg: 0,6*20 = 12 (mg/ml).

This dosage is convenient to start with. Gradually, you can reduce it.

Steam saturation also depends on the technical conditions of the vape. The more powerful your vape, the higher the temperature, the stronger the steam. In such conditions, for people from 0,6 mg level, a transition to 6 mg/ml will be comfortable. Moreover, strong nicotine lubricates the taste of the liquid mixture.

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