Volcano Vaporizer and the Art of Cooking!

There are newer flavors being discovered every day, thanks to Volcano vaporizer! This device will let you explore new facets in cooking as you create new flavors each day by mixing the materials. This hypermodern cooking is something which makes uses of various materials and extracts in order to offer an aromatic effect to the dishes. The aroma is purified from the raw source. Volcano vaporizer has initiated what may be called the avant gardism in cooking by making the dishes enriched with flavor.

What is most amazing among the features of Volcano vaporizer is the fact that it releases aromas and scents in their purest form. There is no burning action taking place and therefore no amount of bitterness is experienced in the dishes. This flavoring of dishes by the technique of adding flavors is termed aromatization.

An example for aromatized dish is crabmeat that has been aromatized by thyme. Food is put into the oven. Aroma is filled in the tube. The aroma, in sometime, permeates the food.

This aroma is trapped in the food with the help of a cover that is bell shaped, which when removed, disperses flavors all around tickling the senses of the guest. The aromatic effect may also be offered by inflating a pillow with aroma and making punctures on it. The pillow is then kept under the plate while the aroma pervades throughout. This will just create an aromatic ambience while your guest enjoys the meals.


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