Ron Paul talks sense in argument for ensuring supply of Medical Marijuana

Ron Paul talks sense in argument for ensuring supply of Medical Marijuana to those in need through allowing state level policy

Ron Paul: Marijuana Policy Should Be Set By The States
Picture credit: CNN

Ron Paul in his run for the Republican vote to become their presidential candidate has shown that he is not afraid to talk sense about issues that others might shy away from.

Talking about Medical Marijuana Mr Paul argued that it is important that states can set their own policy and that it is important that Medical Marijuana is available to people with conditions such as Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis who are suffering.

Perhaps the most interesting point that Mr Paul made though was that prescription drugs kill more people than illegal drugs. This is a good point especially when looking at statistics for Marijuana. Marijuana has got its reputation as a recreational drug before its reputation as a medical drug, other drugs which were used for medicine first, and in often cases are much less effective as a medical drug, are often accepted as mainstream despite being abused. In fact numbers killed by overdosing on legal prescription drugs was 14,800 in 2008, up from 4,000 in 1999.

Despite all of this state licensed dispensaries for marijuana keep getting shut down often meaning that dying people who relied on a prescription had no access locally to medical marijuana that they rely on.

What is more those people who need medical marijuana but can’t get it from a licensed dispensary are being put at risk if they have to buy from illegal drug dealers. It isn’t just the cost but also the quality of what they might be buying, the best marijuana for medical use is often not popular for recreational use and recreational marijuana is likely to lead to other unwanted effects alongside pain relief. There is also the case of course that illegal drug dealing and the supply chain and crime linked to it are boosted further by people buying marijuana for medical reasons: this in turn brings crime and misery to cities and other areas in the US and other countries.

Ron Paul also stated that the federal war on drugs was a failure, though he didn’t specifically spell out that it should be scrapped or that any drugs should be legalized for recreational use his comments seemed to hint at this, saying: ”I fear the drug war, because it undermines our civil liberties, it magnifies our problems on the borders – we spent like over 40 years, a trillion dollars on this war and, believe me, the kids can still get the drugs” what he would do though were he to become president is yet to spelled out but it seems clear he feels that people who need Marijuana for medical reasons shouldn’t be denied access.

This discussion on Medical Marijuana inevitably raises questions about just how unhealthy Marijuana is at all. Increasingly people are using marijuana in a healthier way including those using it for medical reasons of course. Many wanting to get the medical benefits from marijuana use vaporizers. Herbal vaporizers heat marijuana or other herbs up to the ideal temperature where vapors are released but not smoke meaning the health benefits are released but the damaging parts of marijuana are not released or are released to a lesser extent.

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