Non-Smoker actually can enjoy vaporizing

In the same way that only people giving up smoking would use nicotine patches there are many non-smokers who believe that vaporizers are only for smokers looking for a healthier way to enjoy the effects of herbs and plants. This is to misunderstand the use of a vaporizer entirely and because of its association with smoking many people are scared of vaporizers and avoid them.

One of the best and most efficient vaporizers is the Volcano Vaporizer and this is made to be a completely safe way to enjoy the reputed health giving effects of herbs in the same way you would use herbs in aromatherapy or in air fresheners and pot pouri to enjoy the smell of these natural plants.

A Volcano Vaporizer lets be clear does not give off smoke but vapors, naturally herbs when fresh give off some vapors and this is how you smell them, what a volcano vaporizer does is to heat herbs to the point where they give off the most vapors that you can then smell and use for aromatherapy or inhale. As there is no smoke in these vapors what you are inhaling is not harmful: assuming the herb itself is one that isn’t harmful such as those used in everyday cooking and herbal remedies. Releasing vapors means releasing the smell but also some of the beneficial properties of herbs; you can get some effect from them through aromatherapy but by inhaling them you get a much greater effect.

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