Ohio could change medical marijuana laws in November

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Ohio is one of 16 States currently considering a proposal to legalize Medical Marijuana and with around 71% of people in the state either strongly in favor or somewhat in favor of legalizing the drug for medical use it seems likely that the proposal will be passed. Similar proposals have in fact already been passed in 16 other states and the District of Columbia and the evidence in these states is that the results have been positive and abuse has been minimal.

There are in fact two proposals with different medical conditions allowed for on each and different dosages. The proposals will be put on to the November ballot if supporters can get 385,245 signatures for each proposal to qualify. If the proposals are passed a change will be made to the state constitution to legalize the drug for these purposes. As well as the argument that it will benefit people with serious conditions there is also the fact that the alternative is sufferers being forced to buy harder drugs or marijuana grown by criminals, the income from which funds organized crime in the US and elsewhere.

If legalization of Medical Marijuana for certain conditions in Ohio does happen then supplies will most likely be taken from an existing facility ion the United States that produces marijuana grown for medical purposes: this differs from that used for nefarious purposes and givers less of a high but is more effective in relieving pain and other conditions such as the involuntary movement symptoms associated with Parkinson’s Disease.

There are of course still medical concerns about using marijuana, for many with serious conditions these are of little consequence but still it is important that people are given the information and tools they need to use marijuana as safely as possible. The development over the last ten or so years of vaporizers though means that people can now use marijuana much more safely and in a controlled way.

While many people using marijuana recreationally will smoke it in a roll up with tobacco or with tobacco from a bong-pipe this involves inhaling smoke and the toxic fumes from tobacco that are themselves highly harmful, especially for those with existing medical conditions. Using vaporizers Ohio could change medical marijuana laws in November for taking the benefits of marijuana means no tobacco is needed and no smoke is released, the vapors that are released by heating the marijuana in the vaporizer to a certain temperature in fact maximizes the beneficial effects of marijuana while not releasing the toxins and chemicals in the plant that give marijuana its reputation as a dangerous drug.

Supporters of the proposals to be put to the November ballot are likely to cite the use of vaporizers making the drug far safer in their arguments that the proposals should be approved. The other important benefit of vaporizers, especially those featuring a balloon attachment, is that they allow a user to take vapors slowly as needed. With vaporizers with a balloon attachment the marijuana is heated and vapors released into a plastic balloon with a mouthpiece featuring a valve. The user can then take small doses of marijuana as and when they need without wasting the plant. Again this increases the safety of using the drug as when smoking it is usual to have a large amount at once to last for some time and it is the levels of marijuana that can lead to what most would see as the more unpleasant effects of the drug.


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