The Silver Surfer Wave Rider series includes Create your own design option

Silver Surfer Wave Rider Vaporizers
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The silver surfer vaporizers have long been known for their great colorful designs and the fact they can be personalized with your own choice of color for the main part, base, wand and knob. With the wave rider Silver surfer vaporizers though you can now choose one of nearly two-dozen artistic designs or add any design of your own. This can be a full color design and far from looking like a cheap photo transfer the durable powder coated sublimation process gives an image with fantastic vibrant color and depth, while keeping the lustrous quality of the glass beneath.

To get your own Wave rider design, that will be of course therefore totally unique to you, you simply have to send Silver Surfer Vaporizers a suitable image. You of course must have the copyright and it needs to be in the ratio 11 by 7 (width and height), it also needs to be at least 300 dpi or 3300 by 2100 pixels.

As well as using images you have the copyright for or have licensed the use of you can of course create your own artistic designs, either from scratch or using a composition of images you have the right to use.

Many of the Wave Rider designs that are ready to buy have text in them, many use fantastic graphics and fonts as well. The themes include wildlife, revolution, guns and unsurprisingly surfing but with your own image you can create a silver surfer vaporizer that reflects you and your style and character.

Those who are a little unsure about how to put together their image may be best to use software such as Adobe Photoshop and Silver Surfer Vaporizers provide a template file on their website. This template ensures that your image is in the right ratio and allows you to include a bleed area: where the area within the red rectangle that is included will be printed and the bleed is there to ensure no gaps around the edge of your design when it is printed.

Some brands and company have even started getting their own wave rider silver surfer vaporizers as gifts or merchandise. This includes several bands who have had exclusive Wave Rider Silver Surfer vaporizers printed with their brand logos on.

The Wave Riders all still come with a colored base to suit the design and you can choose your color if ordering a create your own Silver Surfer vaporizer.  They also come with a choice of electrical plug and voltage to make sure you get the right one for your country, otherwise you may need to buy an adaptor. Every glass control knob is still unique and a color will be chosen to best fit in with your design as well so that your finished create your own silver surfer vaporizer will look totally unique and professional and be a great item to show off to friends.

At the end of the day though you still need to know that silver surfer vaporizers are good quality and great to use as well as totally trendy and unique. Well quality wise they give you the option of a lifetime warranty that tells you something and many people swear by the simple and easy to use design of Silver Surfer vaporizers.

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