Fantastic value from Easy Vape Vaporizer

Easy Vape VaporizerEasy Vape vaporizers are undoubtedly some of the best value vaporizers on the market today at only around $60, despite the price they come with a five year manufacturers warranty: in other words you are guaranteed to have a working vaporizer for five years at least even if the original needs replacing. Even much more expensive vaporizers such as the Volcano only comes with a two year warranty.

Of course if the Easy Vape’s makers are that confident it will last five years the makers of the Easy Vape have probably made something that will in fact probably last much longer, especially if you only use it occasionally, but what are the features of the Easy Vape like?

What many people love about the Easy Vape is how easy it is to use, including how easy it is to clean. The design means you can get your hand and cleaning tools right into the vaporizer to give it a good clean if needed but the wand design actually means that this is rarely going to be needed as the wand holds the biomass and means you will only ever need to give the inside a quick wipe to remove any condensation that has formed after heating.

As for heating the Easy Vape Vaporizer warms up in about two minutes so is convenient if you want to use it quickly between other tasks: this is partly because the heating element is ceramic, not something you would expect on a vaporizer of this price; the presence of a ceramic heating element means you shouldn’t get any fumes coming through when you inhale.

The Easy Vape is a convection based Fantastic value from Easy Vape Vaporizer which means that the hot air heats the biomass you use rather than heating it directly: this gives a much more effective heat that heats all of your biomass rather than parts so there is little or no waste. Maximum vapors being released means smooth and balanced vapors are inhaled with a constant strength. The strength you choose is up to you though as you have easy to use temperature controls. The controls also mean you can maximize the vapors from each different plant you use and you don’t have to worry about over-heating some plants such as lavender that only require a low heat.

Lastly the looks of the Easy Vape; you can’t expect everything with such a great price and the styling isn’t as good as something like the Silver Surfer Vaporizer but it is still a good looking piece of equipment that won’t look out of place in most homes. It isn’t even obvious what the Easy Vape is to most people and alongside a modern stereo system it might look like some kind of home entertainment accessory.

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