Herbal Grinders on Sale Till The End of August

2 Piece Grinders

Herb Grinders are a great tool that can in themselves save you time and money but until the end of August they are 20% off as well.
Herb grinders by making herbs easier to use, and easier to use just the right amount of, can save you money in wasting herbs by burning or vaporizing too much or by having clumps of herb that burn or vaporize poorly.
You could buy herbs ready ground but as soon as they are ground they start to loose moisture and flavor. For effective release of vapors for aromatherapy and other applications you need a little moisture even in dried or cured herbs and herbs that are too dry may start to burn at lower temperatures.
To keep your herbs as fresh as possible once ground you may want to look at an all in one grinder and space case to store herbs in and seal in their moisture and flavor.
Three and Four stage grinders are also included in the sale to give you the finest herb particles that will vaporize evenly and not include pollen or other unwanted parts of the herb that may spoil the flavor such as stems. For cooking as much as vaporizing of course fresh herbs and spices are best and all of these grinders are suitable for culinary uses for preparing fresh ingredients.
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Aromatherapy For Your Food With Volcano Vaporizer

Volcano Vaporizer Classic - Easy Valve Bundle Set

Picture credit: VaporOutlet.com

How do you get an aroma out of almost any organic material? Heating is usually the only way but this isn’t all that easy to do without burning whatever the material is and then producing smoke, which certainly smells but not in the way you want. The best way then to release an aroma is to heat materials very precisely to do this a vaporizer can be used and among the best are the Volcano Vaporizers. The Volcano vaporizers heat material very precisely to maximize the aroma being released as vapors but without burning the material. The Volcano Vaporizers including heat settings so the perfect temperature can be set depending on what the material is, temperatures for common herbs and spices can be found online, with less common ingredients you may want to use a little bit or trial and error.

Because you aren’t releasing any smoke and because volcano vaporizers are made from steel with a ceramic burner nothing harmful or cacogenic will be released.

Some plants and foods have very delicate aromas that usually are barely noticeable but at the right temperatures become much stronger. Some plants have aromas that are relaxing or good for the health other plants have smells that whet the appetite and so there is an obvious advantage to a restaurant, bakery, shop or café of having a strong aroma of delicious ingredients.

The Ingredients cannot only entice people into your premises or encourage them to buy a particular food but also improve their experience: not least while having a luxury meal in a restaurant. Volcano vaporizers are now used in several gourmet restaurants to release the aroma of certain herbs, spices or other ingredients as a meal is presented to diners.  This may be done by catching the vapors beneath a bell shaped plate cover that is lifted upon serving, or done using an aroma pillow that is burst at the table to release the flavor.

Many supermarkets, bakeries and other stores use strong artificial scents to encourage people to buy foods, the smell of real foods though, especially in a small store such as a patisserie or Bakery, will have a much greater effect.

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Vaporizers and Health Benefits

Extreme-Q Vaporizer Bundle $259

It is well known that herbs have health benefits and that vapors can help with various breathing problems. Many people when they have had a cold or chest infection will have found themselves with faces over a bowl of hot water with menthol or eucalyptus mixed in, the relief is worth it even if the steam burns a little. There are more modern ways though to deal with colds, chesty coughs and even long term conditions like Asthma and Hayfever. The solution is still using herbs and vapors though but in a practical way that can be used long term.

A vaporizer simply heats herbs to release vapors, you may think that heating herbs would simply burn the herbs and release smoke, which is the last thing you want if you have a cough or suffer from Asthma. Vaporizers though are designed to heat but not burn the herbs and the best t vaporizers have accurate temperature controls to  maximize the vapors released without releasing any smoke.

Smoke of course is bad for you and can be cacogenic but vapors are safe and have health benefits.

Mint and Eucalyptus are the herbs you may be most likely to want to use, they work well mixed and you may want to add some Thyme as well. This combination will be great for breathing problems due to constriction of breathing passages such as the bronchial tubes and will help to loosen phlegm.

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Vaporizing to Harness the Power of Lavender

Single lavendar flower02.jpg

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The most popular herbs for health are available in a huge variety of ways as people try to get the health benefits for their bodies, often this includes, teas, powders for use in food, essential oils and supplements. Different herbs though have benefits that affect different parts of the body and therefore need to be taken in different ways. With some herbs inhalation is what will be most effective, some of course you may take in more than one way for different benefits.

Lavender is just one herb that gives a great many health benefits when inhaled along with the likes of eucalyptus and chamomile. Lavender has a beautiful perfume as well, it is of course often used in room sprays and pot pouri but it will not have the same effect that it can have in this way.

Vaporizers heat herbs to release the best of fresh or dried herbs and release a strong and potent vapor that can be inhaled directly. Lavender is one of the most popular herbs to use with vaporizers.

Different herbs release their health giving properties as vapors at different temperatures with 130 degrees Celsius being the optimal temperature to set vaporizers too for lavender. If you set a vaporizer too high then smoke and toxins may be released from herbs which are bad for the health and too low and the optimum level of vapors and strength of vapors will be missed. A vaporizer such as the popular volcano vaporizers which do have a way to set temperatures therefore are by far the best type of vaporizer.

Vaporizers help release lavenders many benefits, this includes its calming effect and a relaxing effect that can generally unwind you or you may use lavender with vaporizers to deal with particular muscle problems including muscle spasms. Lavender also can be used as an antidepressant; severe depression of course should be dealt with by a doctor but even along with other treatment lavender may well help and using a vaporizer makes it sufficiently potent to quickly have an effect. Especially when depression is linked to stress due to the fact that as mention it has a calmative effect. Unsurprisingly this calming effect can also aid sleep so inhaling vapors from lavender before bed may help cure insomnia.

Lavender is like eucalyptus good for dealing with chest infections though they may be best used together. Lavender has an anti-septic and anti bacterial action and along with eucalyptus to loosen mucus it can clear a chest infection that pharmaceuticals may not be able to make any difference too. The anti-septic and anti bacterial effect also helps with, colds, sore throats and other problems caused by bacteria. The antioxidant properties of lavender also boost your immune system so lavender is ideal in the winter if you feel a little under the weather. Another benefit of lavender that may be best enjoyed through regular inhalation of lavender vapors is improved circulation; blood pressure can be lowered and hypertension and its effects as well as general blood flow.

VaporOutlet.com offers a healthier, more economical solution to smoking. Burning herbs is easily the most primitive form of therapeutic inhalation, but thankfully for us the days of ancient man have passed. Vaporizing herbs eliminates harmful carcinogens, smoke and tar known to cause disease while still producing unbeatable potency and flavor.

Da Buddha Vaporizer on Sale

Da Buddha Vaporizer on Sale

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Da Buddha Vaporizer

Da Buddha Vaporizer

The Da Buddha Vaporizer is the latest vaporizer from Silver Surfer. The cylindrical design gives optimal air flow as well as natural cooling for the unit. It features a specialty inverted ground glass vapor whip that provides a smooth and pure vaporizing session.

Da Buddha features an easy to change screen and a very durable ceramic heating element. Other features are a glass tipped custom stir tool and a spare replacement screen.

This unit has all the quality of the Silver Surfer model, but at almost $100 less! It’s a great value for the money.

Da Buddha Vaporizer Includes:

  • 1 pc. Da Buddha Vaporizer Unit
  • 1 pc. Inverted Hands Free Vapor Whip
  • 1 pc. Glass Tipped Custom Stir Tool
  • 2 pc. 5/8″ Replacement Screen .625
  • 1 pc. Da Buddha Instruction Manual


Volcano Vaporizers made by German firm Storz and Bickel

Photo Credit: Storz-Bickel.com

Volcano Vaporizers the German firm Storz and Bickel have been made for almost ten years now and are also one of the best vaporizer available and one of the most popular. Despite a premium value, their customers know the models will last and are easy to handle.

Despite Storz and Bickel bringing out a new edition of the Volcano Vaporizer in 2007, they have accepted on featuring the first Volcano Vaporizers as the Volcano Vaporizer standard. The new edition of the Volcano Vaporizer incorporates a digital monitor, and they could be set with a better magnitude of accurateness than on the standard that uses a knob. Spot on temperature could make a tremendous difference to how strong the vapors from your biomass are, the length of time it lasts and likewise how many toxic substances are released; therefore, the figure is great to guide you get the maximum. Having said that the standard continues to be extremely popular: it includes an easy to use knob which some people may prefer and gives far better accuracy nonetheless in comparison with most vaporizers in the market.

The digital Vaporizer also includes lights so that you know when your biomass is up to heat to load a bag: which happens to be an enormous edge over the standard. Both vaporizers though do incorporate ceramic heating units which are easy to clean, cost effective and will not produce toxic substances like polymers can do. The primary body of both vaporizers is stainless-steel, which again signifies these vaporizers are manufactured to last.

The standard may sell good nonetheless partly base upon its lower cost, but customers do still just like the classic knob design, the convenience of use at the digit looks well worth spending more for some customers though.

Source: Volcano Vaporizers