Great Value of Digital Easy Vape Extreme Vaporizer

Vaporizers from HBGPeople that enjoy vaporizers are often on the lookout for the latest and greatest product to hit the market. The obvious choice will vary depending on your needs, but the Easy Vape Extreme Vaporizer is a fine selection that is likely to please those all across the spectrum.

The biggest draw to this product is its low price point. However, it’s not cheap in the sense that it doesn’t lack features. In fact, it has a digital temperature readout that shows how hot the device is in degrees Fahrenheit. You can quickly and easily adjust the temperature to suit your needs. Different people have different heating preferences, after all, and you can do this by pressing the buttons on the front of the device.

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Cooking with Vaporizers

One of the most exciting things in cooking these days is the merging of science and technology with the kitchen. In fact, people are finding all sorts of interesting ways to cook like using liquid nitrogen. Another innovative cooking technique is using vaporizers to impart flavor and aroma in the food and create a truly unique food experience.

Cooking with Volcano Vaporizers

Picture credit: (Grant Achatz with the VOLCANO Vaporizer)

You can use a vaporizer to slowly introduce an aroma into a food. But the really cool thing about using this method is it won’t also introduce an unpleasant flavor. This process is called aromatization and it can be performed at a very slow and steady pace to prevent any altering of the flavor in a manner you find unfavorable.

It’s funny, because you’d think aroma wouldn’t necessarily impact the flavor of a food, but it definitely can. Typically, the food you’d like to add flavor and aroma to is placed in an oven bag. This is where the vaporizers come into play. The vaporizer is allowed to funnel aroma directly into the oven bag as the food cooks. Over time, this aroma enters into the food, and adds a subtle, yet delicious flavor. What’s great is you can use any material in vaporizers to add flavor to dishes. It’s all about selecting the right ones for the right meal to create the right overall taste.

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PLENTY Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel


Picture credit: Storz & Bickel

The PLENTY Vaporizer is an economically priced, powerful and robust
hand-held device.

The heat exchanger is equipped with a double helix to ensure efficient air heating and
high-yield vaporization. The highly efficient stainless steel cooling coil ensures a pleasant
aromatic experience.

Vaporization temperatures may be selected from approximately 130°C to 202°C
(266°F to 395°F). The temperature in the filling chamber is shown by an analog
thermometer. The bi-metallic regulator ensures safe operation, with independent
temperature control and automatic switch-off.

The PLENTY Vaporizers have been certified by the German TÜV;
compliance with the European and North American standards
and regulations for household appliances is guaranteed by TÜV
and NRTL certifications. First-class design and manufacture
ensures excellent quality and functionality.

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Ohio could change medical marijuana laws in November

Ohio State | Vaporizers

Picture credit: Wikipedia

Ohio is one of 16 States currently considering a proposal to legalize Medical Marijuana and with around 71% of people in the state either strongly in favor or somewhat in favor of legalizing the drug for medical use it seems likely that the proposal will be passed. Similar proposals have in fact already been passed in 16 other states and the District of Columbia and the evidence in these states is that the results have been positive and abuse has been minimal.

There are in fact two proposals with different medical conditions allowed for on each and different dosages. The proposals will be put on to the November ballot if supporters can get 385,245 signatures for each proposal to qualify. If the proposals are passed a change will be made to the state constitution to legalize the drug for these purposes. As well as the argument that it will benefit people with serious conditions there is also the fact that the alternative is sufferers being forced to buy harder drugs or marijuana grown by criminals, the income from which funds organized crime in the US and elsewhere.

If legalization of Medical Marijuana for certain conditions in Ohio does happen then supplies will most likely be taken from an existing facility ion the United States that produces marijuana grown for medical purposes: this differs from that used for nefarious purposes and givers less of a high but is more effective in relieving pain and other conditions such as the involuntary movement symptoms associated with Parkinson’s Disease.

There are of course still medical concerns about using marijuana, for many with serious conditions these are of little consequence but still it is important that people are given the information and tools they need to use marijuana as safely as possible. The development over the last ten or so years of vaporizers though means that people can now use marijuana much more safely and in a controlled way.

While many people using marijuana recreationally will smoke it in a roll up with tobacco or with tobacco from a bong-pipe this involves inhaling smoke and the toxic fumes from tobacco that are themselves highly harmful, especially for those with existing medical conditions. Using vaporizers Ohio could change medical marijuana laws in November for taking the benefits of marijuana means no tobacco is needed and no smoke is released, the vapors that are released by heating the marijuana in the vaporizer to a certain temperature in fact maximizes the beneficial effects of marijuana while not releasing the toxins and chemicals in the plant that give marijuana its reputation as a dangerous drug.

Supporters of the proposals to be put to the November ballot are likely to cite the use of vaporizers making the drug far safer in their arguments that the proposals should be approved. The other important benefit of vaporizers, especially those featuring a balloon attachment, is that they allow a user to take vapors slowly as needed. With vaporizers with a balloon attachment the marijuana is heated and vapors released into a plastic balloon with a mouthpiece featuring a valve. The user can then take small doses of marijuana as and when they need without wasting the plant. Again this increases the safety of using the drug as when smoking it is usual to have a large amount at once to last for some time and it is the levels of marijuana that can lead to what most would see as the more unpleasant effects of the drug.


The Silver Surfer Wave Rider series includes Create your own design option

Silver Surfer Wave Rider Vaporizers

Picture credit: SSV

The silver surfer vaporizers have long been known for their great colorful designs and the fact they can be personalized with your own choice of color for the main part, base, wand and knob. With the wave rider Silver surfer vaporizers though you can now choose one of nearly two-dozen artistic designs or add any design of your own. This can be a full color design and far from looking like a cheap photo transfer the durable powder coated sublimation process gives an image with fantastic vibrant color and depth, while keeping the lustrous quality of the glass beneath.

To get your own Wave rider design, that will be of course therefore totally unique to you, you simply have to send Silver Surfer Vaporizers a suitable image. You of course must have the copyright and it needs to be in the ratio 11 by 7 (width and height), it also needs to be at least 300 dpi or 3300 by 2100 pixels.

As well as using images you have the copyright for or have licensed the use of you can of course create your own artistic designs, either from scratch or using a composition of images you have the right to use.

Many of the Wave Rider designs that are ready to buy have text in them, many use fantastic graphics and fonts as well. The themes include wildlife, revolution, guns and unsurprisingly surfing but with your own image you can create a silver surfer vaporizer that reflects you and your style and character.

Those who are a little unsure about how to put together their image may be best to use software such as Adobe Photoshop and Silver Surfer Vaporizers provide a template file on their website. This template ensures that your image is in the right ratio and allows you to include a bleed area: where the area within the red rectangle that is included will be printed and the bleed is there to ensure no gaps around the edge of your design when it is printed.

Some brands and company have even started getting their own wave rider silver surfer vaporizers as gifts or merchandise. This includes several bands who have had exclusive Wave Rider Silver Surfer vaporizers printed with their brand logos on.

The Wave Riders all still come with a colored base to suit the design and you can choose your color if ordering a create your own Silver Surfer vaporizer.  They also come with a choice of electrical plug and voltage to make sure you get the right one for your country, otherwise you may need to buy an adaptor. Every glass control knob is still unique and a color will be chosen to best fit in with your design as well so that your finished create your own silver surfer vaporizer will look totally unique and professional and be a great item to show off to friends.

At the end of the day though you still need to know that silver surfer vaporizers are good quality and great to use as well as totally trendy and unique. Well quality wise they give you the option of a lifetime warranty that tells you something and many people swear by the simple and easy to use design of Silver Surfer vaporizers.

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Ron Paul says he is not racist

Texas Rep. Ron Paul said Saturday he is not a racist and pointed to his beliefs about unequal prosecution of drug laws to prove it.

In a debate hosted by ABC News, Yahoo! and WMUR, Paul was asked about some controversial newsletters with racist remarks that he sent out under his name in the 1980s and 1990s. Paul said they are distraction from the real issues at hand, which are his record and beliefs regarding race in the United States.

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Fantastic value from Easy Vape Vaporizer

Easy Vape VaporizerEasy Vape vaporizers are undoubtedly some of the best value vaporizers on the market today at only around $60, despite the price they come with a five year manufacturers warranty: in other words you are guaranteed to have a working vaporizer for five years at least even if the original needs replacing. Even much more expensive vaporizers such as the Volcano only comes with a two year warranty.

Of course if the Easy Vape’s makers are that confident it will last five years the makers of the Easy Vape have probably made something that will in fact probably last much longer, especially if you only use it occasionally, but what are the features of the Easy Vape like?

What many people love about the Easy Vape is how easy it is to use, including how easy it is to clean. The design means you can get your hand and cleaning tools right into the vaporizer to give it a good clean if needed but the wand design actually means that this is rarely going to be needed as the wand holds the biomass and means you will only ever need to give the inside a quick wipe to remove any condensation that has formed after heating.

As for heating the Easy Vape Vaporizer warms up in about two minutes so is convenient if you want to use it quickly between other tasks: this is partly because the heating element is ceramic, not something you would expect on a vaporizer of this price; the presence of a ceramic heating element means you shouldn’t get any fumes coming through when you inhale.

The Easy Vape is a convection based Fantastic value from Easy Vape Vaporizer which means that the hot air heats the biomass you use rather than heating it directly: this gives a much more effective heat that heats all of your biomass rather than parts so there is little or no waste. Maximum vapors being released means smooth and balanced vapors are inhaled with a constant strength. The strength you choose is up to you though as you have easy to use temperature controls. The controls also mean you can maximize the vapors from each different plant you use and you don’t have to worry about over-heating some plants such as lavender that only require a low heat.

Lastly the looks of the Easy Vape; you can’t expect everything with such a great price and the styling isn’t as good as something like the Silver Surfer Vaporizer but it is still a good looking piece of equipment that won’t look out of place in most homes. It isn’t even obvious what the Easy Vape is to most people and alongside a modern stereo system it might look like some kind of home entertainment accessory.

Governors Chafee and Gregorie look to get Marijuana reclassified

Washington state governors Lincoln Chafee and Chris Gregoire believe that the Federal Government should legalize Marijuana for Medical use, making it a schedule II controlled substance.

Gov. Lincoln Chafee

Gov. Lincoln Chafee

Especially when using equipment such as a vaporizer people are increasingly arguing that the health benefits for people with certain medical conditions significantly outweigh any negative effects on health. The argument is for making it easier for patients in need to get hold of Medical grade Marijuana to help deal with symptoms including severe pain. This is an argument that seems to be gaining pace with several presidential candidates behind it including Ron Paul.

Ron Paul however believes that the Feds should take a completely hands off approach and allow states to make their laws freely.

Currently the difference between states and the federal government means that even if your state has legalized Marijuana for medical use, Washington and Rhode Island being among the ten that have, it may not be that easy to get hold of it. If you do get hold of medical marijuana legally then you could still be in trouble as federal law takes precedence over state law.

Governors Chafee and Gregorie believe that legalizing the drug nationwide for medical use would make supply simpler and allow more patients who are in need to benefit with no ambiguity over whether what they are doing is legal or not.

Medical Marijuana activists though they welcome the comments of the governors still feel that at state law level is where the advancing of medical marijuana laws should be done.

Many people of course are worried that if Marijuana is available for medical use that it will often be resold or fall into the wrong hands, others worry about the health risks. Medical Marijuana grown for the purpose though is ideal for the pain relieving benefits and other benefits such as dealing with symptoms of diseases including Parkinson’s. What medical marijuana is not ideal for is recreational use where the effect most people want is a little different.

Gov Christine Gregoire

Gov. Christine Gregoire

What activists wanting changes to medical marijuana laws also point out is that people who could benefit from medical marijuana but can’t where they live do often get hold of marijuana anyway: this puts vulnerable people in contact with criminals in order to get marijuana that is far from perfect for their needs.

The heath problems caused by Marijuana are also much less than many believe and much less than schedule II drugs such as cocaine and opium that can be prescribed. This schedule II designation is what Governors Chafee and Gregorie hope to get for Marijuana.

Marijuana is for a start far less addictive than many other drugs including painkillers and it is rarely associated with instantaneous death. With the use of equipment such as a vaporizer as well those using medical marijuana can enjoy the benefits with only minimal negative effects.

Vaporizers release the properties of Marijuana without burning the plant, this means no smoke which contains toxins and which have perhaps the most serious effect of Marijuana. Many people in fact argue that it is the tobacco that is usually smoked with Marijuana that causes more health problems that the drug itself and with a vaporizer no tobacco is needed.

Ron Paul talks sense in argument for ensuring supply of Medical Marijuana

Ron Paul talks sense in argument for ensuring supply of Medical Marijuana to those in need through allowing state level policy

Ron Paul: Marijuana Policy Should Be Set By The States

Picture credit: CNN

Ron Paul in his run for the Republican vote to become their presidential candidate has shown that he is not afraid to talk sense about issues that others might shy away from.

Talking about Medical Marijuana Mr Paul argued that it is important that states can set their own policy and that it is important that Medical Marijuana is available to people with conditions such as Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis who are suffering.

Perhaps the most interesting point that Mr Paul made though was that prescription drugs kill more people than illegal drugs. This is a good point especially when looking at statistics for Marijuana. Marijuana has got its reputation as a recreational drug before its reputation as a medical drug, other drugs which were used for medicine first, and in often cases are much less effective as a medical drug, are often accepted as mainstream despite being abused. In fact numbers killed by overdosing on legal prescription drugs was 14,800 in 2008, up from 4,000 in 1999.

Despite all of this state licensed dispensaries for marijuana keep getting shut down often meaning that dying people who relied on a prescription had no access locally to medical marijuana that they rely on.

What is more those people who need medical marijuana but can’t get it from a licensed dispensary are being put at risk if they have to buy from illegal drug dealers. It isn’t just the cost but also the quality of what they might be buying, the best marijuana for medical use is often not popular for recreational use and recreational marijuana is likely to lead to other unwanted effects alongside pain relief. There is also the case of course that illegal drug dealing and the supply chain and crime linked to it are boosted further by people buying marijuana for medical reasons: this in turn brings crime and misery to cities and other areas in the US and other countries.

Ron Paul also stated that the federal war on drugs was a failure, though he didn’t specifically spell out that it should be scrapped or that any drugs should be legalized for recreational use his comments seemed to hint at this, saying: ”I fear the drug war, because it undermines our civil liberties, it magnifies our problems on the borders – we spent like over 40 years, a trillion dollars on this war and, believe me, the kids can still get the drugs” what he would do though were he to become president is yet to spelled out but it seems clear he feels that people who need Marijuana for medical reasons shouldn’t be denied access.

This discussion on Medical Marijuana inevitably raises questions about just how unhealthy Marijuana is at all. Increasingly people are using marijuana in a healthier way including those using it for medical reasons of course. Many wanting to get the medical benefits from marijuana use vaporizers. Herbal vaporizers heat marijuana or other herbs up to the ideal temperature where vapors are released but not smoke meaning the health benefits are released but the damaging parts of marijuana are not released or are released to a lesser extent.